Crazy Outdoor Tales And The Benefits From Them.

February 22, 2020 Mark/Paul Season 1 Episode 2
Crazy Outdoor Tales And The Benefits From Them.
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Paul and I continue telling our crazy outdoor adventure stories and how we benefited from then both mentally and physically. 

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spk_0:   0:00
Hey, what's good? Everyone welcomed Always game for life podcast where we can come together and relax because life is always game for us So why don't we try to be always game for life On today's episode we touch on a little bit of vote the old doors and adventures and as well a cz little bit of oh, mental health awareness You know how it helped us. So what they'll further due next? Getting Hey, welcome back Episode two What is happening, brother? What is happening?

spk_1:   0:40
Not too much more just ah, you know, ready to jump into a little bit of awareness to people about the benefits of getting active vote in your communities whether it be fitness or just, you know, casual walks in the park? Absolutely. And ah, yeah, you know, like, uh, I I just was a little concerned with Ah, you know, some behaviors I've seen and students these days and, you know, overworked individuals you hear lots about, you know, senior citizens, you know, havin isolation stuff. And and I don't know what you think, Mark, but I really think that, you know, getting out in the community is is beneficial and What kind? What kind of things do you think? Actually, you know, promote, like, healthy? Kind of.

spk_0:   1:34
Well, I got to say for me is you know, when we did. Oh, like when I go fishing in my bowl when we're absolutely, like we're, uh, treasure hunting one that treasure hunt and whatnot. That that citywide treasure hunt? Um, you know, that was that was amazing. You know, uh, I was anxious at the beginning. Definitely. You know, I'm going police I've never been never heard of. Never thought I'd even go to begin with. But once you get out, um, all that anxiety just goes like you just feel free and you're just you're just focused on what's around and what you're seeing and you're learning. And so I mean, not that that helped me.

spk_1:   2:15
It's actually really funny that you bring up that treasure hunt. I was just recently Ah, believe two days ago, I was checking up on a blogger on Facebook where ah, some of my local team that ah was involved in were taking part in, and one of them pull us up for the first time in while saying they re visited the area the first hunt and admitting that he now has post traumatic stress syndrome from the lines. I was kind of laughing, but ah, I I agree with you that, Ah, the treasure hunts. They were They were pretty frustrating and the result of controversy on whether they were even legit or not, because there was so much kind of black. Oh, it's what the whole thing that seemed. Yeah, but, ah, there were were many interesting aspects of the city that I did become aware of and and got to see, And I really do believe that it Ah, it created a little more bonding between the people that we got involved. And it was it was it was a healthy experience, you know, like getting out there. Well, absolutely.

spk_0:   3:22
I remember a lot of the people we met even night favor. They were Drayton and funny. Yeah, man, that was great.

spk_1:   3:29
And, you know, like there's there's experiences like that that we hade and I compared to, like some ah students that I see no D's and I know several younger people that they spent almost all their free time indoors. Whether it be, you know, gaming, you know Sometimes you're doing V R. They're getting a little bit of social shot in there, but I think it really creates guilty brother. I know you haven't you even get get locked in a lot of my own. It should. Yeah, and, you know, we tried to pull you. Oh, yeah, for sure, But it's It's an easy trap to fall into the capsule events esteem inside, you know, there's there's television and there's there's computers. There's, you know, it's it's it's easy to stay in, not get out there. But I'm speaking from experience that if you take that chance and you tried to get involved in a regular program, whether it be swimming at your local pool, going to the weight room, maybe getting down to that local park and just checking out some some you know, birds or what night you're getting out into the community, and I think it's it relieves stress. It kind of relaxes you in a lot of ways, and it can also give you a little more personal interaction with other people. It's it's often opportunity to actually invite people like, I don't know, When was the last time you were involved in any kind of group sports or anything more

spk_0:   5:03
group sports besides this treasure hunt. I haven't been in group sports, probably. Oh, wow. Probably since I was playing basketball. Now we're talking years. Um I mean, the treasure hunt. Definitely. Like that was amazing. Um, the one place we went to, uh I met with a group of people, and we ended up sharing info and actually, you know, search and walking together. And it was just great, you know, you just made friends and work together. It was it was very nice experience, I think. I mean, I never saw that do that, You know me. I don't just you walk up

spk_1:   5:46
there. Yeah. It was interesting. Even see people. However, they were coming together on Reddit. Just this random strangers trying to put things together and, you know, but ah, I I want to try to create awareness to that. Ah, you know, people may not have a large, you know, group of ah, friends that are kind of athletic and into sports. But there are things in our local community at, like, the rec centers for just dropping Jim's. Absolutely. They have wait programs and there's also like, ah, different different learning programs out there available for people that want a kind of second like better themselves in. Ah, you know, kind of like a hobby feel, But there would be sewing, cooking, you know, even computer programming. And what officer having to go to, like, university and just to take a social experience and kind of, ah, you know, just get that in your action, get out in your community and kind of, you know, be part of something. It's ah, I I find it. It's very good for mental health to actually get out there.

spk_0:   6:52
Oh, absolutely. Um, the most thing that helped me besides that is, you know, taking my kids. I mean, you know, when I brought my daughter and my son to the lakes and all kinds of things parks going on, all that swings with them and slides and just getting right in there, I mean, yeah, I Definitely, absolutely.

spk_1:   7:14
It definitely does make make a good parent. If you actually get out there and check out local kind of community events and try it. Try to take your kids to see things, because you know when when you're young you kind of get those those first oppressions life and you know, you, you either resort like isolation to your you know, your attendants switch or your PS four or you actually look forward to, you know, go on, don't playing soccer, getting note to the lake fishing and, you

spk_0:   7:48
know, we're not saying too bad. It's so boring, you know? But it's a bad thing gaming, you know, I came myself. I mean, you know, just moderation. You know, like, yeah, I feel free to game game. It's fun. It's great. No, it exercises the brain of water games for sure. Um, no, by all means, but definitely they take some time your life of your Dave and and and just get out and, uh, explore that's number. Explore, See what's out there in your community, what in your city

spk_1:   8:22
And like, the other thing about actually getting involved with the sports and, you know, even video games in general being part of groups, it ah, it's It's a deterrent, I find also to fall into the traps of substance abuse and you know, like like quite often when people isolate themselves and they get depressed, they fall onto substances as a crutch, or they could be more susceptible to peer pressures of these things. And it's it's something that, ah, you know, people in general. We don't need to ah, you know, rely on, you know, false kind of a roars of happiness. There's there's so much this world has to offer and that other people have to offer each other. If you're willing, just, ah, you know, step out into the community and see what's there for you. I I think that people can really find genuine happiness and, you know, get physical health and mental health just from, you know, stepping out the door and taking a chance on maybe a new activity. Even even seniors. They may think that, you know, there's there's no kind of programs for them, but they have. They have yoga programs, you know, there's there's some stuff with dance, swimming, swimming. It's, you know, there's such a wide array, and there's there's people that you can actually do these things with, and it's it's not a boat, Just like I'm gonna go out and you'll be by myself over there. Be by myself Inside. It's It's all about finding the right kind of group to kind of fit in with and get out there and, you know,

spk_0:   10:04
absolutely take a chance side here into you, like you won't regret it either way. You know, you just started to take that chance and just just make that jump. Go on, try it.

spk_1:   10:19
Yeah, for real. Like like, you know, loneliness is, you know, one of the key factors to depression. And once year, lonely, you depressed what starts to happen. Your mental health deteriorates and living in ah city like we are, there's there's really no excuse for it. There's so many people around and even people that are out there and, like, you know, the country and stuff, you know, there's there's still opportunity to find, you know, whether it be like kayaking groups or like rock clubs. There's there's lots of ways that you can actually actually promote kind of meet ups and get out there. And, you know, even if it's just for a few hours like a four wheel club, you know it's a lot more fun to go out on an expedition with a small team than it is so like who who likes to just you know?

spk_0:   11:17
Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I enjoy fishing, but, you know, having a fishing partner just makes it that much more fun. I gotta be, really, you know, like, just me and the boat. Yeah. Relaxing. But, you know, having someone with me in the boat and chatting and joking around, hooking into some man absolutely makes all that more difference.

spk_1:   11:40
Yeah, it's always good to have a good old fish story, you know, be talking about and even at the campfire. Or, you know, was sitting there talking about past experiences of someone, and hopefully we got ah, lot more of those toe bring to you guys. Oh, for sure. Summer. Definitely looking forward to getting out in the water again Soon it's It's been ah, more in a day or two. It

spk_0:   12:03
has been a minute. Yeah, Yeah, I'm ready. If this weather would just getting to spring and summer, and here we come. Absolutely.

spk_1:   12:17
So Ah, what are some kind of activities that you actually want to get into the summer's forest, you know, sporting or like, you know, or do you think you're gonna get into another treasure hunter? Even the geo cashing you know, it's it's still not as big as it was when it first came out, you know, years back. But, ah, I kind of did a little little looking on my phone recently. And, uh, you know, I'm thinking even just going for some walks around the community and, you know, seeing if I can find some of these little geo caches and you put my name on a

spk_0:   12:51
I'm always day, man. Always game for anything, and I'll definitely the Joe caches sound really cool. Interesting. And ah, absolutely. If there's another hunt, man, that was an absolute blast. Um, learning experience. So absolutely. If there is another one, I'm there. Um, definitely some fishing trips and no doubt, um, definitely champion. Um, I like to Yes, I I'd like to explore to, you know, um, I want I want to find some more ghost towns and maybe some minds, you know, for some rocks, gems, minerals, You know, I'm down then. Absolutely

spk_1:   13:31
somewhere. How do you think that we can actually share some over experiences with our listeners? Like, are we gonna build? We'll take some photographs of some of these places we've seen, like, you know, maybe maybe mail out some autographed copies to followers. Oh,

spk_0:   13:48
absolutely, Uh, definitely will be taking pictures. Um, definitely. I'll be I'll take video, too. You know of when we're out there or whatever, Just to get some footage and, uh, you know, they can they can the listeners and go see it. Ah, Teacher on you become a member and ah, here, all that extra, actually, staff bonus, you know, some fun videos and pictures, and, you know, behind the scenes

spk_1:   14:14
that would that would be cool. Man, I know lots of people that would actually like to take take a piece of our adventures home with, um and and be ableto have that actual materialistic thing to kind of reflect on and and hopefully get out there and, you know, have some adventures of their own and, you know, get it. Get involved in in the community and get over to nature. And see what? See what? Life's really all a boat.

spk_0:   14:41
Yeah, absolutely, man. Like if they, you know, like, for example, you know, like the rocks and gems and minerals. And ah, you know, they can't find them where they're at her. They're not in their area. or whatnot are you know, they don't have the capability or you're able. Yeah, for sure, you know will absolutely send examples. You know,

spk_1:   15:02
I'd really like to get up to the, Ah, pretend a mining museum at some point this year, we actually drove by it on our way up to Squamish just today, and they're doing ah, lot of work in the general area. But I've never been in the actual museum before, and I've talked to several people that have and it it sounds like a pretty amazing tour when you get to go in there and see how they blast in the mountain and you know all the copper that came under there, it's pretty cool to have something like that just so close to Vancouver. It's literally just a 40 minute drive outside the city on the sea to Skye, and you get to see all the ocean there, and it's ah, it's a really amazing

spk_0:   15:42
sounds beautiful. Absolutely. I'm down. Yeah, for sure.

spk_1:   15:49
Yeah, Squamish has even becoming pretty big. It's It's a nice little sub outdoor adventure. Kind of

spk_0:   15:55
Okay, it's been a long time for me, so

spk_1:   15:57
it's surprising even at this time of year. You know, you think it would be be really cold. Lots of snow, like up whistle there. But they've actually their shelter. They don't get a nearest bad. It's almost like being a man Coover up there, you know, when it's so close to the city and

spk_0:   16:16
Oh, I never realized that, huh? Yeah, it's been a long time. I was a kid. I used to always go upto Whistler a lot. You know, spend a lot of time up there with a friend. Uh huh. Like, yeah, it's been years.

spk_1:   16:32
Yeah, I'd like to actually get up there. I I don't I think I've only been up there in the winter like, once or twice, And it would be nice to get out and do some, you know, snowshoeing or some to being or even snowboard. And I was actually thinking of going up to say papers a couple weeks ago with my plans. Got kind of ah Thorne for, ah, Luke. But, ah, snow tubing some. I've never actually been on the hill and done, and it's, you know, it's something people really think the kid's doing all the time. The hack man, you get me in a two. Man. I'm flying down the same manual to 30

spk_0:   17:08
inches at first, but I'm definitely I'm down to try it. I mean, you know it. A lot of that sounds scary. I've never snowboarded skied anything like that, to be honest, but yeah, I'll try it once it

spk_1:   17:23
takes a little bit of practice is best. Before you get on a pair of skis, you have a little bit of proper instruction slow. It's It's been years since I've been on set myself and ah, I I kind of went ah to the intermediate Hill a bit before I was ready. And let's just say I I had a few Wei Po. It's almost Ah, how to mow full a tree and who it was. It was kind of interesting, but, uh, no broken bones or nothing. So it's all good.

spk_0:   17:52
Good, Jared? Oh, my goodness. Huh? Yeah. You don't want that? Oh, my goodness. Uh, so what? What about you? I mean, like, same ideas or your of, like, different ideas for, like, fishing and a champion. You have any like, light years were like there.

spk_1:   18:16
Well, for my own, my own kind of mental health getting on the water I find really therapeutic. And I'm kind of disappointed in myself in a lot of ways because I've lived on the West Coast here in the Pacific Northwest for majority of my life, and I hate to say it, but as far as actually being a on the ocean and a boat, it's been far, few too many times with, like, a law, large amount of time in between. And I can't even recall the last time I was on the ocean. I think it was like God, it must have been early two thousands when I e I disgusted in my my last podcast when I capsized the boat. Oh, although I

spk_0:   19:13
think I remember we went to. But I mean, it was I don't know what to classify that, as I mean, definitely ocean. But like the beach, we went to f get sore after, which one it was, um,

spk_1:   19:24
pop up Io io io Kel. Okay, Last year not, but do we really get on the boat there? I don't think we did. We were fishing from shore. There was the one place we did get it in the boot way. Tried grabbing right? That's right. That was what I'm way rock. Oh, yeah. OK, OK. Actually, it wasn't in White Rock. It was over. What the heck is that Over by two. Lawson, I can't remember the name of the park, but it was near the toss and ferry terminal, but a little more to the south. They have a really popular park there. And, you know, from look of it looked like it would be great to get on the boat and try fishing until we got over the water and so shall it inside the inflatable. And like, clearly, we must have paddled out there a clone. But I was still only like, five feet deep. I could jump in and like we were on the mudflats. Yeah, and great for swimming, right, Because the water's all warmed up in the summer and there's no rocks. And I remember I don't like that. It's just like over on the Spanish banks, or you don't like it just great for swimming. But ah, you could see where the water got deeper. Kind of like a little more, You know Wesley

spk_0:   20:36
Moore. Oh, yeah,

spk_1:   20:38
but in our little rowboat little inflatable there was, You know, it is not safe to be alone in the ocean and a little table like, Yeah, I don't want to look too far. So like that. That's one thing I want to trade a trade do this summer's We have a secure, you know, a proper craft for sure. Make sure we're well equipped. You No, no, no. Sitting on the life jackets this time and, you know, don't you know, I think that yeah, yeah, for sure. But yeah, like, I want to get out there. And, like, even on the west coast of the island, Like I've been doing some research in the last few years, even their tuna and tuna fishing has become popular. And I didn't realize this until a few years ago, But on the west coast of Vancouver Island, boat like, 2030 kilometers off they have. Ah, I believe it's yellow. Yellow fin tuna come committing. They're basically classified as a foreign. Officially, they have virtually unlimited catch quota. I'll take home 40. So Wow, I think I might be the quote of 40 days or something, but, you know, like like they're not done, Not the huge bluefin tuna but stolen like we can catch tuna on our corpsman. And like Like heck, I'd I'd like jump at the chance to get out there and hook into one of those. And I can honestly say I have never hooked into a hell of it or a friggin Linkov offer Coast. You know, I can't say I have, you know, like I want it. I want to get some big game fish this year. That is kind of my goal. You know, I've caught some big brain booze. I've caught some big salmon, but, you know, on the sole, Chuck, you know most I've caught few rockfish and some soul. Yeah, it's time we get out there and, you know, we hook into that 80 £100. How the You know Riel in a 40

spk_0:   22:32
five. I'd like the hell of it, man. Um, you know, last time we tried for that, I remember I brought in her freaking mud shark, decides to the boat That was scary. I'll tell you, man eight, when we pulled it into the boat and it was at my feet and still breaking alive and going crazy or that was a scary experience man and short at my feet. I mean, this is a first for me. Yeah, it was fun. Absolutely.

spk_1:   23:05
Yeah, it's It's kind of surprising We don't have many other sharks in our waters Asides from the dogfish like, I don't know, maybe they're out there, but ah,

spk_0:   23:13
I imagine. I mean, we have to do more research but myself that I haven't had any experiences, to be honest, so I don't.

spk_1:   23:19
But I even love having one of those online just just for the thrill. They got such power and, you know, it's it's it could be exhilarating just just hooking into, Ah, you know, a 45 foot bringing, you know, dogfish and bringing that thing in. And it's just like, yeah, it's a good time.

spk_0:   23:38
Marginally thrill the fate, you know, like even salmon that the steel had My goodness,

spk_1:   23:43
but I'm really looking forward to even hooking in some yellow y snapper whom you know those rockfish. They're great. The only downside or what I'm kind of disappointed in is the fact that the d. F. O has brought in all these These regulations, like you're not allowed to re teen any of these rock fish and it's it's the same with the dogfish. They got such high mercury levels in them. You know, they say they're supposedly good eating. They're so small. And Neil, I know people like they're short fin soup, which is, I think, forget, you know, a disguise her own waste of ah ah, an actual life to just cut the fins off something. And, you know, it's it

spk_0:   24:27
to reach their own man. That's what I say, you know, told Reid.

spk_1:   24:30
But, you know, we go probably goal either up north or over to the west coast of the island if we're actually going to build, have a fishing adventure where we're bringing home some of these main large trophy fish. Essentially

spk_0:   24:47
you have over there, man. Another thing ah, I'd like to do is, uh, a freaking cave, man. I want to see some of these caves over there. I heard the island is wth

spk_1:   24:58
E island is literally riddled with undiscovered caverns. Yeah, and I'm not sure how always was formed. Like Like I was pretty, well, geology kind of major role. I just can't really call it major really high school. But, you know, I was I was a very kind of I've a geology student. When I was, I was in school and one thing we never really touched base on too much was the formation of the caves. I take a lot of it's done basically from, you know, water movements in the ocean and, you know, but ah, I've done a little research in the past and and supposed to be one of the top caving locations in the world. Nice. Now, I haven't really done a whole lot of caving in the past. I've been in some old abandoned mine shafts, but I've definitely learned that you gotta go well equipped for these things. Oh, absolutely. And you have to use caution. Yes. And also, you're not supposed to disturb a lot of what's in there sometime their stock, Pilates, and there that have been, Yeah, gotta be aware for millions of years. And, you know, people go in there and trash key. That's gonna take Mother Nature. You know, 50 Freon 1000 lifetimes toe rebuild like it's Yeah, it's something that you have to preserve, and you've got to go in there. We care is the same thing with, you know, actual native paintings on rocks and stuff. I found some of these NBC

spk_0:   26:44
do that too. I don't, you know, find some of those. And that'd be that being very intriguing.

spk_1:   26:49
That would be a good thing to share with some of her paid dream fall absolute. We could we could take some photos of these actual paintings. And, you know, I've seen someone like good fishing areas and

spk_0:   27:05
definitely some of the folks around there, too, you know, get some in full on and, you know, maybe some facts of area, and

spk_1:   27:15
it would be interesting. Like I found I'd actually like to speak to some of, like, you know, the actual different natives in eerie and actually see it, See what? What they say about, you know, their their culture and their their pots and stuff. Because I know some of the paintings I've seen, like they they look like they're I am not a ll, but they'll be underneath rock crop ings. Okay, So, like, one in particular set that I found near Harrison, it was kind of ah, off. Ah, major stamen spawning area. And I was there when I was younger and a bull stop by and I was kind of fishing in a I walked over by this big rock face and there was basically kind of, ah rock kind of in Dent in the cliff. Oh, yeah, And when I went in there looked up and I seen all these different little kind of, like, you know, paintings. There was nothing really fancy, just kind of like, you know, stick figures basically. And, ah, you know, a couple letters and whatnot. Oh, yeah. And it was basically from what I take, just a kind of symbolize like, Hey, this is a great kind of, you know, salmon gathering area. Oh, and it's hard to say, Like, how old they are actually were if they were from, like, you know, like the 19 hundreds. Were they from, like, 16 hundreds? Like, I don't know how long these things were, Therefore, but, uh,

spk_0:   28:52
we actually we got to try Thio, you know, research to try to find, you know, people in the area and, uh, the residents in the area. What not, you know, try to get some background.

spk_1:   29:07
Yeah, it's always good to, you know, find out a little bit of boat. The history, like all our our little waterways. They were like nature's transportation system. That so everybody caught around pretty lake, you know, 1800. It was, you know, grab the old canoe and you know, you you'd boat from Mr West Coast servers, you know, no jumping in the car and airplane. It was, you know, your waterways. And and that's where you find a lot of the stuff, you know, traditionally, and a lot of it has been, actually, you know, degraded over time. And, you know, things have been vandalized,

spk_0:   29:46
and yeah, yeah, I know.

spk_1:   29:48
But you find a few places that were, you know, kind of remote and fairly untouched, and you can find evidence of the people that were there going to go if you look close enough.

spk_0:   29:59
Oh, yes. Yeah.

spk_1:   30:05
I'd really like to actually get into an old sailboat or even a sea kayak and take a trip up to hide acquire this year and up to Belle Kula. Check a little shelter bays and see if we can find any areas where there were actually totem set up. Oh, yes. Yeah. I'm from long ago. Most of them are degraded, but I know there's places where they've actually restored some and like they've, they've they've rebuilt them and directed new ones. And it would be cool to find an area where it's still kind of like, uh, a place that was was lived in long ago, but abandoned now just

spk_0:   30:49
Oh, absolutely. I'd love to do that. Yes. I love Thio Explorer and find things like that and learning and see, You know how they lived. You know, it's it's very intriguing. Very interesting. I have found a few before in the past, and then they were Yeah. So So, medium. I'm not sure where I was with my uncle at the time. So, you know, I I have to ask him and get back, but, uh, yeah,

spk_1:   31:28
yeah, I'd even like to get the old metal detector. Oh, and I tried Do Cem Cem beachcombing on some remote parts of the island or a little more up north and, ah, you know, just try to ah, find some old drifting treasures and

spk_0:   31:44
yeah, yeah, yeah, I bet you're Yeah, better. There's logs to find and explore. Absolutely. You know, that's I really find it relaxing, intriguing and just amazing to to explore and just find new things, man. You know, like when we go places like even mud. Like I said, the treasure hunt. You know, I learned so much about my own city I never knew was there, you know, the history of it. We're looking at all different statues because some of the hints, you know, leading to the statues and what dog and yeah,

spk_1:   32:26
yeah, I was astonished to find out just how much the local area has transformed over the last 100 years. Like it was around Halloween. I was over it. Ah ah, Burnaby Museum, kind of. Ah, by Deer Lake Perk. And they have Ah, basically, I guess it's kind of like a fort set up where it's kind of like historical kind of preservation of, like, some of the first hoses that were their own general store. And they sure, like they have, like, the train museum there. And they they actually have some video of like, uh, Granville Street from the early 19 hundreds and and, you know, they got they got ah, clip. Where have ah, truly term go right by Victory square. And it's it's literally like a dirt road like you can't recognize any of the buildings or nothing. It's It's just unreal that Vancouver in itself has has developed as much as it has in the last century. It's and it looks like, is ready for its whole next level transformation. You look at all the projects they got going on right now around the major malls, like, you know, low He town Centre, Brentwood Metro Town brokerage. They're all being redeveloped, massive highrises there, trying to boost transit. And they're really trying to make us like a world leading like city that's going to be on the world stage and

spk_0:   34:08
recognize. Yeah, the production has been crazy. I mean, just in the past have you ever take 20 years off? You know where we used to go, where we used to see, you know, what's there and how, like even the mole we go. Do you like, man, that it's night and day for me? I'm not used to the mall looking like that. The nine day you know, they're they're just crazy upgrading and and produce and building. And oh, you know, I just I just hope a lot of the places we like to go back for our outdoor adventures and what not and you know they don't get developed, man. Keep those.

spk_1:   34:58
Well, it's It is a major concern, like you. Look at all the protests that got going on with the pipelines now. And, uh, you know, I've been singing them with lately, like, uh, you know, how How is this pipeline really going to affect things? Even if it goes as planned, like, it's in some areas where they're actually working right now, they've already disrupted certain habitats and, you know, like like even you look at ah, like laid loyal by Jones Lake and chill a walk there. They're setting up a major base camp for basically running the pipeline. And as you know, it's it's caused after pressure in the area. And, you know, I look at all the ah, you know, the native protest. Reno and other people that are are upset over it. None. You know, it kind of it worries me that Ah, you know, it's some sensitive is going to get damaged or disrupted with this project moving for, uh, you know, in a lot of ways, I actually do. Ah, you know, I want to see can to make money off of this play blind, right? You know, I don't want to see our coastline and, you know, our fishing places damaged from, you know, a potential natural disaster.

spk_0:   36:30
No do? Yeah. There's pros and cons to both, you know? Hi. Yeah, I'm trying to win. One minute. It's hard. Yeah, like you said, you know, we like to see advancement, but at same time, you know, you don't want to see environment that destroyed either. So totally understandable. No dough.

spk_1:   36:55
It's also a good thing to get Odo right now in these times because they do have these protest. It's, you know, it is an opportunity for people to get out there and and and speak with, you know, some of the local native people and others about you know, the perspectives on this whole issue. And you know how how they relate and you'll meet me myself. I'm from Alberta. I'm kind of like, you know, pro player playing in some ways. But I've lived in the West Coast once in my life, and I'm I'm an you pipeline in a lot of ways. And that's, you know,

spk_0:   37:31
Yeah, I'm It's two of us from Alberta's. Well, yeah, Yeah, for sure.

spk_1:   37:39
Yeah, I I really like to see people focus on projects that don't have allergic impact on on one's environment. But, you know, we do need resources, you know, we're always gonna need thio cut down trees and my metal and we need energy. And it's just about being smart about it and actually taking full advantage of what we have, you know, like try to reduce, try to recycle. I know recycle is ah, big issue right now. Even even at our local company, we're really trying to stop a lot of things from going to the landfill. We do a lot of importing and we always have, like, leftover would plastics and metals. And, you know, we we take the time now to actually divide everything up. And one of the main challenges is actually just getting it to the recycle facility. Like, I don't know if you guys can believe this or not, but it costs us almost triple to take clean lumber and have it put in the green waste to be basically recycled into mulch. Er, whatever they really do with it, my compared to just taking it and throwing it in the garbage now. Why? Why would the government allow something like that? Like, how can it be more expensive after we've taken the time to, you know, separate all the contaminants in the medals and just have that clean lumber? Why would they try charging us more than just throwing it in the bloody garbage? You know, it doesn't really make sense to me that, you know, they should be actually almost paying us because they're taking this lumber, and they're going to make a sellable product out of it. In the end, yeah, quite often they grant is up and they make the mulch for gardening or wherever they really do. Is it hurry And, uh, you know, like, I know the metal. At least that is actually, you know, it's it's free of charge, some facilities. But I know I know over and Suri we took some of the other day and when we go into the actual transfer station, they were the vehicle. Before we go in, we go in there and there they don't really divide it up into categories is basically garbage would, ah, metal, whatever. They just take it all. And then you basically I really do like a flattery. But when we're over quickly, I'm doing it and, you know, over recyclables, we drop them off free. At church, we got plastic, they take it, you got metal, they take it. You know, Styrofoam paints bubble block. But then when it comes to the clean, would that's where we get the extra church and then garbage is just standard rate. All right, now, it seems so kind of. Ah, I don't know, like like, mismanaged in a way how they have always different facilities in the municipalities when I compare it to overseas. In some places, from what I've heard anyway, they have much better collections, like they will actually send trucks, so they pick everything up. Everybody just kind of divides it. And there's like, uh, almost a daily pickup in areas where they where they take things and, you know, they they seem to actually focus a lot more on dividing up waste and trying to keep it managed. And I really don't like the solution of themes here, or it's basically we still owe even our early garbage. It seems, into a play a shipping container and ship it halfway around the world for someone else to deal with.

spk_0:   41:45
Yeah, I don't doubt that God didn't make much sense either. My business,

spk_1:   41:49
like, you know, you think we deal with a lot of these things at home and, you know, take care of it. You know, likely why Weiss was shipped halfway around the world. Yeah, I heard the stories, like, few months ago. What'll shipping containers that came back from the Philippines? Because the recyclable goods in them, we're not separated properly. There is garbage mixed in with the plastic. Wow. You know, yada yada. And it's like, you know, think of how much energy that we's didn't. How many man hours that wasted just because it went over a port set there from once and had to come back? Yeah. And then what? Leak? Whatever actually happened to it? Did you score the friggin landfill after,

spk_0:   42:35
you know? Good question. Yeah. Major questions. So what else? What else has happened? You know what else going on? You know, I know you. Ah, you some stonework. Maybe we can share a little bit of that. Maybe we, uh, you know, for for local people, listeners, maybe they get to you through your platforms and maybe get some work done or whatever. Some counters or what not, but

spk_1:   43:08
well, I don't really want to use This is kind of Ah, you no more kidding. Push for, you know, the counter top industry. But, you know, we we are. We're currently involved in making quartz countertops, and, you know, we deal in more. A bull on granite, mostly of what the modern look is right now is strictly the quartz. And, you know, anybody is looking into actually upgrading their kitchens. I do recommend the courts tops or they're strong, they're healthy. And ah, yeah, you know, there's there's lots of shops out there, I won't say or a specific particular. But you guys, you guys can get out there in the community and, uh, you know, get almost anything made up. I was actually looking into ah, doing some some fine marble or work myself and nice trying to make just some small projects for Cem Cem. Hello, planters and okay. What not? It's always nice to have ah have something that looks a little unique and

spk_0:   44:14
yeah, absolutely, absolutely. Yeah. Man,

spk_1:   44:21
I really like ghetto this summer, though. And find a nice high call, like high gem quality Jade bowler. Like in every pool. They're not actual J date, but the b c j than affraid. And I've I've actually seen some that's come from the little wet Linton area. It's almost a jet black. And I've seen people in some my local rock groups have the stuff. And I'd liked how I should get a decent chunk and take it in, get it cut on my robot saw and get some nice slabs cut of it and actually makes him, like, you know, Polish fleets of it. Just yeah, right behind you. Even if I could make, like, a bullet or something, just something really cool, Like like high end. I only quit what I want to make it. It is a delicate material to work with. Yes, but if you find a really nice translucent Jimmy Peace and, you know, just just have, like, a little statue made up of it or something really cool?

spk_0:   45:28
Absolutely, Absolutely. Yeah, man. So what did you Ah, what's your standing like? How did it make you feel? What did you experience through the, um, the hunt? You know, it was it similar to me and my story, Like the hole that did you find it? Well, I

spk_1:   45:53
don't know. I I found the hunt Really interesting. Like it awakened something pretty like my intuition. And I was really clicking into a lot of the clues. And, you know, I I remember when when I think it was gold hunt to first came out and they had the flu attached to the first people solve the riddles. And I was so disappointed. I remember the first day came up with a few hours I had you driving me around city and And there was that one riddle that clicked in at GM place. Oh, yes, I remember. And yeah, we we park rate down by the international village. Just park. It was kind of tight, and we walk over Bye bye, Rogers Arena. Not Jim Place, Rogers Arena and Yem. I'm sitting there looking around at all the statues and, man, I can't I can't remember exactly what that real was. The top of my head. I'd

spk_0:   47:03
have to remember. I remember there was somebody with a list of the roster of the Canucks.

spk_1:   47:10
Well, yeah, basically, I think you're past the statue of Park Windsor Pack women, and he's like holding a piece of paper in his hand and a roster behind his thumb. There was basically a name, a couple of names like Hidden From View and we're sitting there. I'm I'm like looking up the playoff rosters from that year and everything. I'm trying to figure out the players and there's there's people looking at us like somebody else is already kind of clued into like this. Maybe it. And we're sitting there freaking, you know, rifling off names. And I was really disappointed in the fact that we typed in the right names and didn't get confirmation. And we actually didn't get that riddle solved for, I think, almost a full two weeks later. And I actually was talking to somebody on block and they said this was the answer, and I look back on my search history of stuff I'd entered Night entered that before they had changed the automated kind of yes or no, they had, like, an automated answer thing where you typed in it. So you got ready. Oh,

spk_0:   48:21
yes, I remember.

spk_1:   48:22
It was It was before I think that even went off that I got the answer right, but it didn't register. And I remember at the time there was one guy that got, like, four or five. Luke, Prize is within the first. Like, I don't know, like, 48 hours or something. And I swear we would have been number one on that because it was literally within, like, two hours of this whole hunt started that we had the answer for that locked in, and it got denied. And I don't remember what the prizes for. It may have been the TV year, if you know, injury, but yeah, but there there were some cool things in that hunt, like, uh, but some. Even after the answers were revealed at the end, they just they didn't really make sense to me. And, like, even I remember, I remember specifically there was the one. A boat. Ah. What was his name? The ah, Joe Catalano. Kind of overlooks it. Ah, suddenly I was the one in North Van, and basically the answer was a mooching real at the fish hatchery. Oh, right. And I was so perplexed by that Freon riddle because ice where it should have been in amble side park rate near the main concession stand there. I thought the answer was like an anchor something and, you know, and then I started walking all around that park, and then they hide like, thes thesis painting tapestries, all set up in the one part by the fishing Worf. And, you know, just the way things kind of world I was finding locations and that hunt that made more sense than the answers they were giving.

spk_0:   50:12
I remember that a lot of it added up so much that it was almost too much, and we're like, This is gonna be

spk_1:   50:20
it. Well, that was there's no way, you know, even the end of it. When, when? When they release the final location of the hunt. And it was basically that duplicate Orchard Park. I found that the most freakin like, illogical friggin place that it could have been like I really had everything low located down to I think Queen Elizabeth part because I was like, I was running around that place and, like, final theory and lake, uh, lots of stuff was lying

spk_0:   50:48
in a beautiful place. That is to man. Wow, that's another place that can remember going into all of them, to be honest and like,

spk_1:   50:56
Yeah, we spent a lot of time. It s F u to a parole eyes in terms of you. Oh, no, that was one of the inception. Places and men. I remember being up there, and that's when I I got sparked into the geo cashing bravery. Yes. And yeah, we We actually found a geo cache in the tree, and I thought it was actually set up for one of the kids summer camps, Treasure Hunt. And then

spk_0:   51:20
I thought, too, because the kids were running around looking like they're on a hunt. And I

spk_1:   51:23
thought it was up there like a weekly, and I seen it there. Still, I was like, what? They didn't find their treasure. And I went and opened it up and looked and realized it was something from a geo cache. So nice, Nice. But I really did find that that whole treasure hunt it was There was a big stress relief I was going through a bit of Ah, you know, no pressure. At the time, I kind of stepped away from work. And, you know, I was I was going through a bit of depression at the time. And I found it was really like a event in kind of like, uh, I kind of like, ah, healing, therapeutic kind of activity. I get into the Parkside, drive around the city a bit, you know, walk on the beach, see a few things, maybe have a cough year too, And and, you know, sit there and try to break down some riddles and, you know, move to another location and see a little more of the city. And I really did Seymour of Vancouver in the Vancouver area in the last year over those two gold hunts than I've had in the previous 20 years living here

spk_0:   52:38
and try to same and me too,

spk_1:   52:41
like like it was It was unreal, like, even the first time when it first came down. Like we were sure this treasure was in Stanley. Oh, yeah, I remember looking at GPS satellite photos and beyond Break down and And what's the name of that park? Right before you get to Stanley Park, Reply Denman and ah Oh,

spk_0:   53:03
yes, I remember the one.

spk_1:   53:05
I can't remember the name of the part.

spk_0:   53:07
I can't get her man,

spk_1:   53:08
But anyway, when you look at this park, I'll think on the GPS and there's literally an X on the grass.

spk_0:   53:16
Yeah, Yeah, that was

spk_1:   53:17
crazy. And I was like, I was back. There was a frigate axe here. And of course, the rules said no. Didn't, you know, didn't like No, actually, in the in the 1st 1 it was buried. All that's right, The 1st 1 yes or no. So, like, well, the 1st 1 we're thinking like one of the odds that some of these clues are kind of lining up to this park. And they I think there was some do with Lord Stanley in there, too. And that was like reading the entryway Stanley Park and yeah, and then Ah, yeah, we're like looking. So we find this X on the map, and sure enough, we go there and there's literally, like an X in the grass, and it's like, be you see it from the air like satellite imagery. There's like, this X s Oh, yeah, we're like kicking all around the stain and we're going over every square inch of this perk forever. And and then people start going off on reddit like caress Dale Cara steals the location for guitar to caress Dale. Remember that? And like, yeah, we we've been everywhere. We were, like, tearing apart ground existed, INGE. Oh, yeah, I was like, I'd been in the area a few times. I know some people that live near there, but, ah, like I was a white, like, really care. Still, then, sure enough, we get down there and, like, all these clues are lining up. And I distinctly remember being by that building that says pit and walking back from the wall. And I think I was standing up on on Ah, the bench there something. And I was like, What are they talking about? Go back to the wall, jump back and there's just a bush here. And I freaking kicked it and looked down like, you know, then the stupid bush. I'm like, it's got to be somewhere on the greenway, man. We gotta We gotta look at these thes Iran wheels of the train tracks they got. They got numbers on them. It must be a mile marker. So I had mark here running up and down that greenway for, like, literally kilometers. We went from one end of it to the other, like like down back to the e r beauty sky train station all the way down my leg. Marine,

spk_0:   55:26
I have to say, Onion

spk_1:   55:27
and we were checking specific mile marker points on this thing, and we can find this treasure. Can't find this treasure. And it was so funny because the day it was found, I told one of my Facebook friends I said, Meet me down across the street from McDonald's at 7 p.m. We're gonna be there, and we're gonna do some searching on our way there, Like 6 45 someone found the treasure. What?

spk_0:   55:56
Yeah, I have to say, man. According to the Bluetooth of my shoes, man, I did a total of 160,616 steps. Ah, 134 kilometers. So, yeah, I mean, it was it was amazing experience. I mean, like all that walking. Yeah, it was a guy here, somebody light. It was

spk_1:   56:16
great. It was so good. It was so funny seeing everybody just digging in the bushes and, like, you know, going to And some people were trying to keep it secret, like, Yeah, I just drop my watch or something. There's a little kids or you're out. Yeah, I know, man. They're there were some cool see, like the, you know, the whole city come together. And But I had I had two interesting things happening, like the 1st 1 there were in care style, like, one o'clock in the morning. And we're like, walking a little ways away from ah where it got discovered. I remember looking by a telephone pole and, like, uh, they had, like, this. This is pipe with this ah, court going on the ground. I go down there and start pulling up when this guy comes running up on Rollerblades. I remember him. Yo, yo, what do you guys looking for? A man? You find something? Yeah. And I had something similar happen in the in the last time, too. Just before it got discovered up, Queenie, I fell in tow. I found ah, a casino. Actual band hanging from a tree saying Vancouver gold here. And like Bree, when I went over and pulled it like three or four people come up. Wow. Well, they would be attract.

spk_0:   57:31
Yeah, that's crazy. But in the yards. Yeah, I remember is I followed taking care Still I fold a ll the clues and hints and ah, yeah, I basically I was standing on it. I remember that. Oh, man, the

spk_1:   57:47
whole time. It's crazy. Yeah, I was off some of those riddles, man. Like, I can't believe I actually had to refer to, like, the Facebook group and read it to actually get some of the answers that I was in. The location had basically solved, but missed it like there was that answer on the second hunt, The one in a 1,000,000 boxer for something like that. Yeah. The one in a 1,000,000 marks. Yeah, that one. Oh, my God. Like it was It was the inception. Ral pretty sure. And like, maybe it wasn't inception waiting in the regular riddle, but I I thought the answer is in the inception, Place up. It s a few horizons, right? Yeah. And like, I went up there one day and it was so weird because I seen one of my old co workers up there that day having a family picnic, and I walked over by the mural and there was something about ah, there. There was the name of a boxer on this mural, and I thought it was like a one million boxers has gotta be the mural. But it turned out the mural was for some freakin Olympic runner, and he had the same name is a boxer, but it wasn't really for boxing errors like it was wrestling or something. Hey, I was always convinced that this was the freaking thing. And like, you know, I kept going up there and trying to find the answer and find the answer. And coincidentally, I'd even been down Stanley Park right by the totems there. And I was looking at the totems and there's like a sculpture there, and I was looking at this sculpture and I didn't see the names on the ground on. And I was like, looking all around like, OK, I can't find any answers here. This this campy right And I went away and then guys were telling me Leader in a blogger, like It's it's down there. So I go on, look, and sure enough, I'm looking on the ground and I find this guy's name and this is over there. One in a 1,000,000 bubble blood Frank. This and I was like, really? Like Like I stood right on it. I missed the freaking answer. And that was one thing that really kind of frustrated me about. That Hunt is I was literally standing on top of several answers. Yes, and we're just the wording and clicking it in was late. Frustrating,

spk_0:   1:0:23
I have to say, though, my my overall experience was wonderful. I mean, you know, being able to get out there. And I haven't brought each kid each one of my kids on the hunt. And I was

spk_1:   1:0:35
Yeah, the sleepless nights the one had Oh, my God, It's just kind of week. Three o'clock in the morning. Ready? That would be

spk_0:   1:0:43
my shine. Yes. Yeah. Oh, man. Well, unfortunately, go in. Um, so, yeah, you know, it's ah, come back for more, so, yeah. Thanks, man. And, uh,

spk_1:   1:1:01
yeah, I'll be ready, man. I'm gonna I'm gonna start, you know, prepping myself for getting out there. Lots. I didn't want to get out there a bit this weekend, and hopefully we'll have a little but have an update for you for Episode three and let you know what's going on in the community and what kind of stuff we're going to be getting into.

spk_0:   1:1:22
Absolutely. I love your piece.